Floodplain Permit Requirements

The City of Lansing is NFIP compliant. That means that construction and other development in the floodplain has to be done in such a way that it won't make flooding worse. All new buildings in the floodplain must meet NFIP standards.

If a building in the floodplain is "substantially damaged" it must meet floodplain standards when it is repaired-even if the damage isn't caused by flooding.

"Substantial damage" is damage that will take more than 50% of the building's value (not including the value of the land) to repair. Repair costs are based on what it would cost to have a professional make the repair, even if you plan to do it yourself.

The same rule applies for remodeling or adding on to a building in the floodplain. If the improvement will cost more than 50% of the value of the building, the building must be made to meet NFIP standards.

After a flood there are some things that can be done to a home or other building without a permit, including cleanup and emergency repairs. A permit is needed before starting any other repair or reconstruction projects, including removing floors or studs, or replacing a furnace. This is required by federal law.

  • To find out if a property is in the floodplain call the Zoning Office at 517-483-4069.
  • To find out the value of your property and land, visit the City Assessor's Page.