Flood Mitigation

Mitigation means lessening the impact of something. The City has a flood mitigation plan that outlines things that we can do to minimize flood damage.

The goals of the Flood Mitigation Plan are to:
  • Reduce the impact of flooding (protect life and property)
  • Encourage residency and economic development (make the city a better place to live)
  • Preserve and restore natural resources
  • Encourage recreation on and around rivers
  • Keep neighborhoods strong and intact
In 2008, the City launched a program to purchase and demolish homes in the highest risk parts of the floodplain. The program so far as focused on the Urbandale and Baker-Donora neighborhoods. This is a voluntary program, and all property that is acquired is permanently deed restricted so that it cannot be developed again in the future. The land is available for gardening and recreation.

Other flood mitigation projects include public education, assessing and protecting infrastructure in the floodplain, and improving our ability to predict flooding locally.