Spring 2017: Mrs. Petersen, one of the 1st grade teachers at Reo School bought discounted Valentines Day candy at Meijer for an economics lesson for her class. They used the candy as a medium to study market forces like supply and demand. During the lesson, they sold the candy in school and home for $.25 a piece. When all of the candy was sold, they combined their earnings and divided it evenly to be deposited into each student's Lansing SAVE account.

When Ben and Ceci heard about it they were excited to hear that these accounts were being used in lessons. They told their directors who told Mayor Schor. Mayor Schor was so excited that he wanted to match each dollar deposited in that class from the sale.

Ben and Ceci took the picture below of Mrs. Petersen's class right after they saw Mayor Schor's announcement video. We are so lucky to have teachers like Mrs. Petersen in the Lansing School District.

Mrs. Petersen's Class