CARE Volunteering

Volunteers play a key role in the efforts of the CARE program to reduce domestic violence. While there are many hardworking and dedicated volunteers already working, more volunteers are needed to expand the program.

Prospective volunteers must go through an application process. They will be expected to:
  • Provide two references
  • Participate in a short interview
  • Agree to a review of criminal history and driving records
  • Complete approximately 40 hours of training (held over 2 weekends)
  • Attend monthly in-service training meetings
If accepted as a volunteer at the completion of the training, volunteers will then be asked to be on call (via pager) approximately 1 shift every 6 weeks. Volunteer shifts consist of being on call Thursday evening and Saturday or Friday evening and Sunday so assistance can be provided to survivors throughout the weekend. C.A.R.E. personnel covers domestic violence calls during the week.

Volunteers are asked to commit for at least 6 months, although 1 year is preferred.


To apply, the main CARE office at 517-272-7436, or fill out the CARE Volunteer Application and click the submit button after it is filled out and executed.  The CARE Coordinator will be in contact with you.