The Greater Lansing area is home to more than 500,000 people and 35,700 residential units giving you a wide range of housing options. The four sections of Lansing - Eastside, Westside, Northwest side, and Southside - offer everything from single-family homes tucked away in quiet suburbs to hip apartments in the middle of all the downtown action.

A majority of Lansing's housing is just minutes away from major highways but still surrounded by the abundant natural beauty of the area. You can also choose to join a homeowner group and neighborhood association to represent your interests and have your voice heard.

Whatever your preference or budget, Lansing has housing opportunities and outstanding city services for everyone.

Housing Programs

More than $2 million of Federal funds received annually by the City are budgeted for housing programs through the Development Office. Visit the Development Office Page to find information on the various housing assistance programs the City of Lansing has to offer.

Housing Assistance Programs are initiatives designed to promote and maintain good homes and healthy neighborhoods and to provide affordable housing opportunities for all Lansing residents. Federal funds received annually by the City are budgeted for housing programs, community development, and homeless assistance. More than 500 low and moderate income households benefit each year from housing and community development programs.

Greater Lansing Housing Coalition

The City of Lansing in partnership with the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition (GLHC) create programs that allow low and moderate income households to purchase their own home and enhance the condition of neighborhoods in the community. The City provides funding and technical assistance to GLHC for the acquisition of vacant residential structures that are rehabilitated and sold to income eligible families. Visit the GLHC website for program details and a listing of renovated homes available for sale.

Lansing Housing Commission

The Lansing Housing Commission (LHC) is a Public Housing Agency (PHA) that provides rental housing units and rental assistance to families. Our Mission states: The LHC will compassionately, deliver healthy, affordable, safe, quality housing options without discrimination with exceptional customer service while meeting high performance standards." We manage 4 Asset Management Properties (AMPS)/Communities, including over two hundred scattered site single family units, 4 townhouse developments, and one high-rise building for a total of 834 units and administer over 1600 Housing Choice Vouchers.

Michigan State Housing Development Authority

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority provides financial and technical assistance through public and private partnerships to create and preserve safe and decent affordable housing.