MLK, Jr. Holiday Commission


P.O. Box 24112
Lansing, MI 48909


Link: MLK, Jr. Holiday Commission Page

Name Title Email Phone
Maybank, Denise Commissioner    
Bacon, Ron Commissioner    
Ellsworth-Etchison, Kelli Commissioner    
Meadows, Mark City of East Lansing Mayor    
Baltimore, Tony Commissioner    
Schor, Andy Mayor of City of Lansing    
Beverly, Brian Commissioner    
Butler III, James Commissioner    
Ferguson, Joel Commissioner    
Hardy, Elaine Chairperson  
June, Dr. Lee Commissioner    
Lee, Lonnie C. Commissioner    
Japinga, Steve Treasurer    
McCurtis Jr., James Commissioner    
Wright, Tristan Vice Chairperson  
Moss-Hargrove, Rosa Commissioner    
Potter, Geraldine Commissioner    
Talifarro, Randall Commissioner    
Winston, Anthony Secretary    
Flowers, Michael Commissioner    
McNeil, Mia Commissioner    
Noll-Williams, Nicole Commissioner